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Boys Fast Trak

Boys Fast Trak is for boys 5 and up that are invited to join our pre team.

Gymnastics consists of many physical education and fitness aspects, which every boy could benefit from, later in life for all sports.  In Europe all preschool children take gymnastics, as they know it’s the basis for all sports.  Look at the chart below to see all the qualities that can be acquired from gymnastics and can be started as early as one year old to prepare them for sports.

MOVEMENT                                                           NEEDED FOR WHAT SPORT

MOTOR SKILLS (jumping, hopping,

Skipping, galloping, leaping)                                        Track and Basketball

BALL HANDLING SKILLS                                           Football, Golf, Tennis, Racquetball,

Throwing, kicking, volleying,                                         Basketball, Soccer, Volleyball,

Dribbling, catching, trapping)                                        Baseball

FOUR FITNESS COMPONENTS                                    All Sports

(Muscular endurance, cardiovascular

endurance, strength, flexibility)

MOTOR FITNESS COMPONENTS                                 All Sports

(Coordination, balance, speed, agility, power)

Not only do the boys learn aspects of fitness that will help them later in life FOR SPORTS, but they learn social skills which will help them IN LIFE.


1  Working with a partner

2  Standing in line

3  Waiting their turn

4  Working in a group

5  Listening to their teacher

6  Understanding when to be quiet

7  Learning how to really focus and concentrate on a skill

8  Sharing props